Chef's Guide on Food Photography



  1. Make sure there is plenty of light in the room
  2. Choose a plain white background for your dish or a simple colourful background. Try using banana leaves or coloured cloth
  3. Put all food items on the menu description in the photo
  4. Put food on a plate or bowl. Don’t take photos when in containers
  5. Include the whole dish in the photo
  6. Make sure the presentation of the dish is clean. No spills
  7. The photo must be clear and in focus. Not blurred or pixelated

1 Choose the Best Angle for the Photo

Top View Photos

Side View Photos

2 Bowl Photos - for Curries, Soups, Salads

  1. Reduce the amount of gravy a little so the food is more visible
  2. Make sure there is no gravy or oil spread around the edges of the bowl
  3. Keep edges nice and clean

3 Plate Photos: Chappatis, Phulkas, Parathas, Pizza, Dosas, Cakes

  1. Arrange the items in a nice pattern
  2. Make sure they look pretty
  3. Get a clear, close up shot
  4. When cooking phulka try to get a fluffy image

4 Further information on taking Photos: