PinStove is all about authentic healthy home-cooked food and more ...

PinStove App

PinStove was created out of a simple idea: what if you could order locally prepared home-cooked food and have it delivered to your door whenever you wanted? Not a take away or a restaurant or a market stall, but a local chef, cooking for you in their home.

So we came up with an app that connects a home chef (Home Chef) to a hungry person – at work, at university, at home or in a hotel – and added a PinPilot to fulfil the deliveries.

When so many restaurants sell food that has a generic taste to it, with PinStove, you can discover a variety of new recipes and tastes that are unique to our Home Chefs, who are dotted all around your locality.


We help create work-from-home businesses

We soon discovered there were lots of people who loved the idea of cooking a little extra of what they normally cooked for their family in order to generate a second income from what they love doing most.

As you can see, this is a whole new way of experiencing a variety of great dishes that are authentic to the region you are in. It’s as if you were actually sharing and becoming part of the Home Chef’s family meal, even though you are somewhere else!

Our aim is to unleash the hidden talents of our Home Chefs and bring new income into their homes.

PinStove is all about connecting people to great food experiences and opening up new opportunities for all kinds of people, from diners to chef, from drivers to food suppliers. We would love for you to become a little part of that deliciously local and yet global experience we call PinStove.